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Davide Gabellini
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19/07/2019 - 08:23

To highlight the interdisciplinary nature of current stem cell research, PLOS ONE is pleased to launch a Call for Papers covering basic, translational and clinical research focusing on the role of stem cells in tissue repair and regeneration. PLOS ONE welcomes submissions covering a broad range of topics, such as the basic mechanisms of stem cell maintenance and differentiation, the interaction between stem cells and their tissue microenvironment, and the design of stem cell-based biomaterials for tissue engineering.

In line with PLOS ONE publication ethos, we welcome solid and clearly reported studies regardless of the perceived impact and positive nature of the main findings. In the fast-paced field of stem cell research, addressing publication bias is particularly important to advance knowledge and bring new therapies to the clinic.

Research topics covered include: 

  • Molecular cell biology studies of stem cell differentiation, self-renewal and cell reprogramming. 
  • In vivo research exploring the regenerative potential of stem cells within their tissue microenvironment. 
  • Developmental biology studies involving the characterization of stem cell properties in non-mouse model systems such as Caenorhabditis elegansDrosophila melanogasterXenopus laevis, and zebrafish. 
  • Preclinical and translational research investigating the therapeutic potential of endogenous or exogenous stem cells. 
  • Biomedical engineering studies exploring stem cell-based biomaterials and organoid systems for regenerative medicine. 
  • Advances in engineering the stem cell niche either in vitro or in vivo
  • Clinical research on therapeutic applications of stem cell treatments. 
  • Therapeutic potential of stem cell-derived paracrine factors such as extracellular vesicles, cytokines, and microRNAs. 
  • New tools for stem cell research, such as lineage-tracing methods, differentiation protocols, and reprogramming approaches. 

Articles should be submitted by November 30, 2019. Accepted articles that fall into the scope described above will be included in a Collection that will be published in early 2020. 

When submitting to the Collection, select the Article Type “Research Article” and enter “Stem Cell Plasticity in Tissue Repair and Regeneration” in the “Collections and Calls for Papers” field in the Additional Information section of the submission form. Please also specify that you are submitting to the Call for Papers “Stem Cell Plasticity in Tissue Repair and Regeneration” in your cover letter.

Other details on: https://collections.plos.org/s/stem-cell