Generation of eX vivo-vascularized Muscle Engineered Tissue (X-MET)

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01/03/2013 - 14:08

A Sapienza research team, led by Antonio Musarò (Istituto Pasteur and Sapienza) in collaboration with Zaccaria Del Prete (Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Sapienza Labs) have developed X-MET, an eX-vivo Muscle Engineered Tissue.

"The object of this study was to develop an in vitro bioengineered three-dimensional vascularized skeletal muscle tissue, named eX-vivo Muscle Engineered Tissue (X-MET). This new tissue contains cells that exhibit the characteristics of differentiated myotubes, with organized contractile machinery, undifferentiated cells, and vascular cells capable of forming "vessel-like" networks. X-MET showed biomechanical properties comparable with that of adult skeletal muscles; thus it more closely mimics the cellular complexity typical of in vivo muscle tissue than myogenic cells cultured in standard monolayer conditions. Transplanted X-MET was able to mimic the activity of the excided EDL muscle, restoring the functionality of the damaged muscle. Our results suggest that X-MET is an ideal in vitro 3D muscle model that can be employed to repair muscle defects in vivo and to perform in vitrostudies, limiting the use of live animals."

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